Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions....

1.  Who are you guys?
             We are a Commercial fishing family that was astonished, when we moved from Prince Rupert, at the lack of great seafood avalible to the people of Powell River.  So we began to sell some of our commercial catch directly to the public in both fresh and frozen forms.
2.  When are you open?
              Oh Boy isn't that the $10,000 dollar question!  We try to have someone here as much as possible.  Our "OPEN" sign is the best indicator if you are driving by... if the "OPEN" sign is up .. come on up.... we would love to serve you.
             Otherwise feel free to call (604 485 3522) and we can arrange to be here for when you come.  ;)

3.  Do you process your own fish?
              Doug and I could simply not process the volume of fish for our store and maintain the high quality that comes with quick processing times.  So we hire that service out to a fish processing plant.  Our Prawns and King Shrimp are processed on the "Pacific Ambition" the day they are caught.  They are a raw product frozen in seawater.

4.  What is meant by "SUSHI GRADE"?
              Many people mistake the term sushi as meaning raw fish.   Indeed the product is raw but sushi grade is the process undertaken to ensure the fish can be eaten raw.  In many cases the fish must be brought down to -40 and maintained there for a duration of time to ensure all the bacteria has been eliminated.  Please take care and eat responsibly
                            **** ONLY OUR TUNA LOIN IS SUSHI GRADE****
5.  How long can Fresh stay Fresh?
     It really depends on the conditions under which seafood is kept...  Seafood always tastes better the fresher it is...  Fresh seafood is to be kept cold at 4c ... fridge temperature for up to three days... it should then be eaten or processed to last longer.  

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